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  • Luanda is the capital of Angola. It's on the Angola's Atlantic coast. Its current renaissance is really a really inspiring sucess story. In recent history, the center of decades of conflict, the start of the 21st century has seen a massive boom in construction in Luanda, where peace and stability ha...


  • Need to find an affordable guide for a day trip($200 - $400)

    I am going to Luanda on February, I'm having a very difficult time finding an affordable guide for a day trip to Kissama National Park, city tour of Luanda and hotel.
  • We are looking for accommodation in Luanda($10 - $100)

    We are planning a trip to Angola in February/March 2014 and we are looking for accommodation in Luanda, preferably hotels, lodges, guest houses but camping sites will also do.


  • llha do Mussulo
    llha do Mussulo

    This is an island just few kilometers away from Luanda. The Angolan National Bank: This is the landmark building of Luan...
  • Kissama Game Park
    Kissama Game Park

    Kissama Game Park is a vast game reserve located to the south of Luanda. At present a program called Noah's Arc is going...

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