You may think you know how to behave yourself in order to seem like a polite person while you eat…but it totally depends on where in the world you are. What may seem sophisticated in the U.S. might be utterly boorish in Jap
 April 22,2014 03:31AM   Lisbon, Portugal
A Swiss zoo has killed a healthy baby bear — because it was being bullied by its father. The 11-weeks-old cub was destroyed after its father became jealous of it. The dad had already killed the cub's sibling. Ani
 April 19,2014 11:28PM   Zurich, Switzerland
The Buenos Aires Zoo is showing off its latest brood of white tigers — Bengal triplets with piercing blue eyes and a playful attitude. A naming contest among children who visit the zoo has already begun. A three month old
 April 19,2014 06:29AM   Buenos Aires, Argentina
These incredible images capture a ‘battle of the beasts’ played out along a river in southern Africa. Battle of the beasts: Crocs v hippos  They show the moment an army of crocodiles closed in on a group
 April 18,2014 03:59AM   Lusaka, Zambia
Easter is around the corner, and bunnies aren't the only animals celebrating! Animal care specialists at the Hanover Zoo in Germany kicked off the first day of Easter vacation earlier this month by surprising their critters
 April 16,2014 05:52AM   Hannover, Germany

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Beijing is the capital of China. It was also the seat of the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors until the formation of a republic in 1911.
Paris, the capital of France, is one of the very best travel destinations. Paris is often called the most romantic city in the world.
San Francisco
San Francisco is really a major city in California, the centerpiece of the Bay Region, well-known for its liberal community, hilly terrain.
Sydney is Australia's biggest and best recognized city, loaded with enjoyable for households and singles searching for action. .

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